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Thursday 20 April 2017

Small Town Mentality

After reading JC's  recent Del Amitri post I decided to give Waking Hours a spin.
I was struck by the similarity in subject matter between Move Away Jimmy Blue (1989) and Bronski Beat's Small Town Boy (1984) in turn put me in mind of the 18 months I spent living in a small town. A place where if you were not born there you were never going to by accepted and where two gay friends of mine were subjected to regular verbal and physical abuse.
It becomes a self perpetuating problem as the more enlightened understandably move away  at the earliest opportunity leaving such places to the knuckle draggers.

Del Amitri - Move Away Jimmy Blue

Bronskie Beat - Smalltown Boy


  1. Well I was born in a small town
    And I live in a small town
    Probably die in a small town
    Oh, those small communities

    A Top Ten Small Town Songs has been on the cards for years. Don't know why I haven't got round to it yet. Problem is, I'd probably have to make Born To Run number one AGAIN. Oh, the hardship.

    1. Someday by Steve Earle would give him a run for his money

  2. I come from a very small town, couldn't wait to leave but now live in a medium sized town - Suits me. I would really like to think that things have become more enlightened over the years - in fact I know they have but didn't appreciate how hard it must have been for JS back in the day.

  3. It's a horrible thing, that small-town mentality, and must have been even worse in the past. I grew up in a smallish town but now live in a large village, weirdly it seems less parochial here than where I grew up, I think a lot to do with being a bit touristy, so many different types of people pass through. That, and for some reason, we have a large and openly gay community here, and I guess that's self-perpetuating too, so at least can report a more positive flipside!

  4. Funny enough, coming from a big(ish) city, I always used to have fantasies about how small town life would be lovely, like Trumpton or some such place. You can probably put me right on that. I now live in a small village and everyone knows everyone else's business. It has it's pros and cons. I miss my big(ish) city, though.

  5. Unfortunately, the small-town mentality is the same the world over. I think by the time I was a toddler I was ready to leave my birthplace.

  6. This is a fine demonstration of some of the things that were said about Justin Currie over at that original post - great observation CC.