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Thursday, 13 April 2017

J. Geils R.I.P.

Like many people I was only really familiar with John Warren Geils Jr from Centrefold the number 1 hit single from the J. Geils Band.
Again like many people I had assumed he was the singer when he was in fact the lead guitarist. The singer was Peter Wolf

For ages a friend was on at me to acquire Blow Your Face Out a 1976 live album by the band. Knowing only Centrefold I resisted to the extent that he ended up buying it and giving it to me.
Some splendid Blues and a  whole lot better that Centrefold as these two songs will testify.

Rest easy JG

The J. Geils Band - Truck Drivin' Man

The J.Geils Band - Love-itis


  1. I saw the J. Geils Band at Wembley Stadium in 1982, where they were the first band on before Black Uhuru and The Rolling Stones. They were generally ignored by the audience until they played 'Centrefold', when the entire place went nuts. The 'Freeze Frame' LP was to them a little like 'Born in the USA' became to Springsteen for a while, overwhelming the better stuff that came before in the eyes of the public. Bruce of course came out the other end of the experience, but the J. Geils Band didn't.

  2. Love Stinks is excellent.