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Friday, 7 April 2017

Upgraded - Midnite Vultures

The second installment in this occasional series is Midnite Vulture the fourth official studio album and seventh overall released by Beck in 1999 on DGC Records.
One I had from the record library and hadn't played in ages. Not sure why really as it is terrific. It has probably been played more in the last week than in the last decade.
As I mentioned yesterday a bonus of acquiring the actual article is that you get the cover as well as the music and in this case it is every bit as psychedelic.
I only have this and Odelay so plenty of others to explore

I suspect that both yesterday's and today's were handed in by the same person. The fool.
Be aware that this series will pop up when you least expect it, Stay tuned

Beck - Nicotine & Gravy

Beck - Get Real Paid


  1. It's a terrific album, but one that I didn't get to grips with straight away either. Perhaps we both got put off by the naff artwork.

    1. Yeah that cover is a shocker.

      Morning Phase is definitely worth investigating btw.


  2. Not an album I yet own....have a few tracks from downloads. If you see anotger copy going cheap then please pick it up for me!

  3. Like The Swede, I couldn't get into this album at first, beyond the singles. It was too far of a move away from his previous work and the faux-Prince sound grated a little. It's grown on me a lot over the years.

  4. This was magic when this came out. It didn't sound anything like Mellow Gold or the excellent Odelay or the understated Mutations (let alone acoustic album One Foot in the Grave). Beck was like the new, American shapeshifting equivalent like Elvis Costello. And the tour for this record was killer -- saw it at Los Angeles' fabled Greek Theatre where Beck used to sneak in as a kid (it's an open air amphitheater in the Hollywood hills). Artwork aside, MV holds up really well nearly 20 years on.

  5. Some great songs from this time period but I'm more into his sad-sack phases like Mutations and Sea Change.