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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Missed the Cut: Then Jerico;

I am still working my way through my recent windfall.
Some have already been dispatched back to the charity shop and a few have found their way to the shelves.
Then there is what I'm referring to as the Kenny Dalglish pile - The Maybees Ayes, Maybees Nos which will require a listen or two before a final decision.
One which comes into this category was The Best of Then Jerico; (not sure whether the semicolon is obligatory or not).
A late 80's band I had vaguely heard of but couldn't tell you any of their songs. Mrs CC's sister was obviously a fan as there is also a vinyl LP of theirs from the same source.
I recognized the first song Big Area which is just about ok. Thereafter it goes down hill fairly rapidly and it was a struggle to pick a second from those I listened to. I never made it to the end.
As bland as Big Blandy McBland the king of the Bland people.
Needless to say they are now on the revival circuit which smacks of desperation.
This one is going back

Then Jerico; -Big Area

Then Jerico; - Muscle Deep


  1. Yeah. I think even I'd be sending that back.

  2. "Big Blandy McBland the king of the Bland people"

    Kinda doubt the band will ever be using that for any publicity material. But it is entirely accurate if my memory serves me correctly.


  3. Oof. Awful band.
    Swiss Adam

  4. Heard the name but never heard any of their songs, for which I am now very grateful.

  5. Kenny Dalglish pile? Steady there, you're talking about one of my boyhood heroes...

    1. Not dissing King Kenny Robster just using a famous expression of his
      Can still remember him nutmeging Ray Clemence!

  6. Man Alive this is terrible. I'm struggling to think who they remind me of, and I keep thinking Big Country or mid to late 80s Simple Minds........

  7. Don't think this one made it to our shores.

  8. The Maybees Ayes, the Maybees Nos and Big Blandy McBland the King of the Bland People- surely there's a children's TV programme here just waiting to be created, it could be even more successful than the Tellytubbies!

  9. Beige as fuck is how I would describe them but BBMBTKotBP is even better.

  10. As a rule, I like to think I see some good in most things and maintain a generally positive outlook. This is tosh though.

  11. I only had to glance at the mullet on the guy holding the archtop to pass on this lot.

  12. Then Jericho... I have quite a lot of time for one track from their debut album, "The Motive". Other than that... straight into the Maybee Nos pile.

  13. If I'd have half remembered this lot then it would have been a perfect ICA on 1 April.

    Ghastly. Great bit of writing mind you...