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Thursday 2 March 2017

Strange Weather

Strange Love from Carter Wood on Monday and Strange Weather from Marianne Faithfull today - we are indeed living in strange times.
From 1987 on the Island label it is her first completed studio work following her 17 year battle with heroin addiction and perhaps fittingly it is an album of rock, blues and dark cabaret

Featuring today is Boulevard of Broken Dreams a song by Al Dubin and Harry Warren from 1933 which featured in the 1934 film  Moulin Rouge.It is very continental sounding.
This is followed by a stripped down version of the song she had her biggest hit with the Rolling Stones classic As Tears Go By.

Garth Hudson on accordion and Dr John on piano are among those participating on the album.

Marianne Faithfull - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Marianne Faithfull -As Tears Go By


  1. I bought this in Round Sounds in Wishaw at the time along with a couple of House 12" singles and I remember the guy behind the counter giving me a weird look.

    1. Nought wrong with eclectic tastes Drew

    2. You gotta love Marianne.I have "Broken English" (1979),"Dangerous Acquaintances" (1981) and "A Child's Adventure" (1983). These were just some of the "fully completed studio works" she released during the 17 years before "Strange Weather"? There was also another one in the mid 80's before "Strange Weather" which I cannae remember and don't have. I always thought that Ms Faithfull managed a certain elegance in her protracted smack period, and regularly producing albums was just one aspect of that.

  2. Marianne's voice really suits this Moulin Rouge song - I had to double check that it wasn't in the Baz Luhrman version as very similar sounding songs in that one too.