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Thursday 1 December 2016

Fever to Tell

On the way to visit my mum last weekend I briefly popped into a local charity shop which opens on a Sunday and came away with a couple of finds
One of which was Fever to Tell the 2003 debut album by New York band Yeah Yeah Yeahs consisting of Karen O on vocals, Nick Zinner on guitar and keyboards and Brian Chase on drums.

The annoying sticker on the front tells me that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are taking over the world and that this is the best debut since The Stokes "Is This It" or The Vines"Highly Evolved"
I don't know about you but I  only vaguely remember The Vines

I have their debut EP and a burn of 2009's It's Blitz! and this fits neatly in the middle.
These two tracks are probably the pick of the bunch for me although the sticky highlights Date with the Night and Pin.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control


  1. Completely and utterly agree with your two choices of tracks here CC. I thought 'Fever To Tell' was a little patchy. 'It's Blitz' is their masterpiece.

    And... remember the Vines? They're still going. Released a double album a couple years ago which wasn't half bad.

  2. Every now and then I feel obliged to chip in with an update on my recent charity shop hauls, so here it is - naff all. I've said it before and I'll say it again - your charity shops are clearly a cut above ours, which, if they stock any music at all these days, invariably feature horrendously beaten up old LP's by Dr Hook or Johnny Mathis, laughably priced at anything between £10 and £50.

    1. 3/4 of my most recent haul was I feel particularly impressive, the last 1/4 less so.
      Stay tuned next week for further details

    2. I liked that series of Terrible Purchases At Charity Shops.

    3. I've a belter for you next week!

  3. And I preferred the 2nd tack today

  4. Man, I loved these guys. Turn Into from Show Your Bones is a personal favorite, but the EP and the album you're featuring today have many great moments too.