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Monday, 26 December 2016

Bring Me Sunshine

It is Mrs CC's birthday today - the day after Shane Macgowan and the baby Jesus.
Shane has a few years on her in the race for the bus pass.

We normally spend her birthday running around after about 14 folk from both sides of the family fetching and carrying, feeding them and keeping them topped up with drink.
This year we have decided to have the day to ourselves.
A long lie, a champagne breakfast, crappy films  and hopefully a chance to listen to some new music.

I doubt it will be sunny but it always seems that bit sunnier when Eric and Ernie are strutting their stuff

Happy birthday

Carly Simon - You Are My Sunshine

Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine of My Life


  1. Happy birthday Mrs CC. Hope you both have a wonderful day.

  2. Mrs CC is a lucky woman to have these beautiful songs dedicated to her - Hope you both enjoy the "alternative" birthday celebrations.

  3. Happy birthday to Mrs CC, sounds like you're both going to have a much-deserved restful (sunshiney) day. And yes, Christmas = Morecambe & Wise.

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs CC hope you have a great day. A day lounging about sounds just about perfect, although no chance of that here!

    CC - new music you say, check out the Lucid Dream then, cracking stuff

    1. Drew, is that this lot?

    2. Yip George that's them. The recent album Compulsion Songs is the best

  5. Happy Birthday the the long-suffering Mrs CC.

  6. Lovely gesture, CC. Sounds like a perfect day. Happy birthday to Mrs. CC!