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Monday, 5 December 2016

( big red letter day)

Buffalo Tom are a band that have only just penetrated my radar
One of their songs Summer popped up on Urbanwear a  recent holiday compilation purchase and I know that they are held in high regard by some of my esteemed blogging colleagues including the Robster and JC

I had noticed their 1993 album (Big Red Letter Day) in a charity shop near my mum's care home but did not have the time or the change to purchase it. I returned the next week more in hope than expectation and it was still there and duly purchased together with The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a further tow who will feature over the next couple of days.
It is a bit of a find - excellent stuff. The first song Sodajerk puts me in mind of R.E.M., no bad thing.
Further exploration required.


  1. You can't go too far wrong with Buffalo Tom, CC. Any of their records are worth your time, but 'Let Me Come Over' tops the lot. If you come across their Best Of collection 'Asides From Buffalo Tom', buy it!

  2. Great band. 'Velvet Roof' was always a car-tape staple, ahem, back in the day and the b-side of that single includes a rather splendid cover of Dylan's 'She Belongs to Me'.

  3. Wonderful album


  4. I have a friend who's been trying to get me into BT for years. I should find the time, because whenever I hear anything by them I find it decent enough.