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Tuesday 13 December 2016

A Salutary Lesson on Quitting While Ahead

For the record like any sensible person I abhor all bloodsports including cock fighting. I also happen to think that gambling is a bit of a mug's game.
With this in mind today I gave you the tale of  Gallo Del Ceilo a salutary lesson in quitting while ahead.

From the 1995 album Letter to Laredo by the legendary Texan born in Lubbock the same town as Buddy Holly,  a Flatlander and support act to The Clash Mr Joe Ely.
A change in direction from his previous honky tonk and Americana this largely acoustic album has a Tex Mex feel about it with Dutch guitarist Teye featuring heavily on acoustic flamenco guitar.

Joe Ely - Gallo Del Cielo

Joe Ely - Letter to Laredo


  1. Very cool. Like something from a Western, you can see him sitting on a dusty porch strumming away while the tumbleweed blows past.

  2. I've dabbled with Joe Ely before, as it were. Largely due to the Clash connection.