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Tuesday 6 December 2016


When I recently posted The Boatman's Call by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds I commented that you rarely, if ever, see Nick Cave albums on the shelves in charity shops. All this changed last week when I picked by the eponymous debut album by his side project Grinderman.
If The Boatman's Call was at the mellow end of the spectrum Grinderman is as far removed as it is possible to be.
A splendid combination of scuzzy blues and noise terrorism.A band whose name describes their music perfectly.
Not for the faint hearted.
Released in 2007 Grinderman 2 followed three years later. The band made a brief re-appearance in 2013 so number 3 may well follow.

Grinderman - Depth Charge Ethel

Grinderman - Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)

Chapeau to Tam Cowan from BBC Radio Scotland's Off the Ball for highlighting the similarity between Boaby the Barman and Nick Cave


  1. He does indeed resemble Nick Cave. I really liked the video clips, hilarious.

  2. I'm amazed Tam Cowan has even heard of Nick Cave.


  3. Aw, I LOVE Still Game! Really enjoyed the recent series, it was so good to see them back and on top form. And haha, yes, he does look like Nick Cave.

  4. Grinderman probably not my thing but as for Still Game - Oh yes, so thanks for the clips. Boaby does indeed look very like Nick Cave. Here's a thing, when I started following your blog I suspected you might have been Tam's partner in crime Stuart Cosgrove, moonlighting as a music blogger who frequented charity shops! Sorry if that's an insult and of course I realise now he is much, much older than you, but I do like their radio "banter".

    1. I am indeed much younger but I suppose there are certain similarities in that my blog is indeed petty and ill informed.
      Mrs CC refers to them as the wee boys

    2. Yes very good. As for your blog definitely not petty or ill informed.