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Wednesday 28 December 2016

Dylan Covered - Boots of Spanish Leather

A resounding victory last time round for Bob with Knockin' on Heaven's Door. A lot of love out there for Warren Zevon but not enough to stop him getting comprehensively thrashed by the biggest margin so far in this series.
The score is now even again at Bob 5 Cover Artists 5
Who will take the lead as we head for the home straight?
We are going back to 1964 and Bob's third studio album The Times They Are A-Changin' when he was still essentially an out and out folkie.
His version of Boots of Spanish Leather is up against the version by country star Nanci Griffith from her 1993 Other Voices Other Rooms collection. Bob must have approved as he plays harmonica on the record.
It's Dylan for me by a distance this week.
Others may choose to disagree.

Bob Dylan - Boots of Spanish Leather

Nanci Griffith - Boots of Spanish Leather


  1. Dylan, as you said. No contest.

  2. I presune Bob will lead rhe competiton after this song but will happen when you've to decide beteeen him and Jimi Hendrix an All Along The Watchtower?

  3. Sorry for the faults. But it's hard to type correctly ona movil phone at the beachside mates.

  4. Nanci, for me but by a baw hair

  5. Btw, for me the best cover of Dylan, is Hendrix's version of Like A Rolling Stone, the Monterey one not either of the Winterland ones which go on far too long

  6. I'm confused: is it Saturday already? (I hate this dayless mess between Christmas & New Year.)

    I love Nanci, but Bob's voice is more suited to the lyrics of this one, so he can have it.

  7. It's Nanci for me; I've never been keen on Dylan's voice which is a pretty important I guess - and the purity and sweetness of Nanci's here wins me over easily today.
    But Dylan does very occasionally tip it so it's not always a done deal, I like to be surprised!

  8. It's actually Nanci for me too - I also like the sweetness of her voice on this one.

  9. I like the dayless mess between Christmas and NY. Its my favourite part of the whole thing.


  10. You'd probably expect me to come piling in for Bob at this juncture - and you'd be quite right to. I do have a soft spot for Nanci's version though.

  11. Can I cast another vote for Bob please?

    1. He is still in the lead without such shenanigans!

  12. Bob, by far. But Nanci´s version is really nice to hear.