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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Such a Strong Persuader

My reference on yesterday's Steve Forbert post got me thinking about Echo  and other lost record shops of Glasgow.
Echo is the forgotten name on the list and was indeed two shops adjacent to each other on Byres Road in Glasgow's West End.
A place where I spent a lot of time and indeed a lot of money (although the records were generally cheap) over a number of years
Strong Persuader by Robert Cray is another purchase from there. Or should it be The Robert Cray Band as written on the spine and on the label? I've opted for the latter.
His fifth studio album from 1986 it was critically acclaimed and was the one that saw him/them and bluesy soul briefly entering the mainstream.
But then again it was probably just another notch on his guitar.

The Robert Cray Band - Smoking Gun

The Robert Cray Band - Right Next Door (Because of Me)


  1. I agree that Strong Persuader is a great album. I also loved "False Accusation" - and this was my favourite track from that album:

  2. I went to see Robert Cray & his band at Massey Hall in Toronto after purchasing this album, CC.

    It's so sad to think of the great record stores that have shut their doors . . .

  3. One of the few possessions my husband brought to our marital home!

    A very strong nostalgia vibe going on in our little corner of the blogosphere at the moment whether about old friends or lost record shops. Happy memories of the many record shops even in our (very rural) neck of the woods - All now gone.

  4. Huge hit here in America. Strange sounds on pop stations, but it worked, somehow.