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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dylan Covered - Girl From The North Country

For a while last week it looked like it was going to be a close thing and then Bob gradually pulled away.
There was however a general recognition that they were two great versions of Blind Willie McTell - three if you count the version offered in the comments by The Swede
So the score is now Bob 4 Cover Artists 3.
Another cracker for you today with Girl From the North Country from the nearest Bob came to a country album Nashville Skyline.
I was originally going to offer up Rosanne Cash's version against that of her dad and Mr Dylan, it is one I have previously posted.
However when listening to a CD  from my Burnt Offerings collection (number 17 seeing as how you asked) which are basically songs I burnt from the internet a few years ago I stumbled on this magnificent version by the Mojave 3.
This has caused me a bit of a dilemma as it may well be the better version. However I cannot bring myself to voting against anything featuring both Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.
Others of course may choose to disagree.
For those of you considering voting tactically for Bob to bring this series to a conclusion sorry to disappoint you. I have been persuaded by George and the Swede to make it first to 10

Bob Dylan with Johnny Cash - Girl From The North Country

Mojave 3 - Girl From the North Country


  1. This might surprise you - I'm plumping for the Mojave 3 version. Much as I love Johnny (and you already know how much I love Bob), I've never warmed to this duet - it's a mess and just doesn't work for me. However, if you'd have posted the 1963 'Freewheelin' original of 'Girl From the North Country', the result would've been quite different.

  2. Tough one. Like The Swede says, Johnny would normally win it for me, but that Mojave 3 version is really quite special. I'll go with that.

    By the way, I loved hearing about your Burnt Offerings CDs.

  3. Make that two for Mojave 3. I agree wholeheartedly with The Swede re. the Dylan/Cash track, the worst track on the album. But I disagree with his sentiments re. the original, the Mojave 3 are better.

  4. Totally agree that the Mojave 3 do the better version and should win but I was letting my heart rule my head

  5. Well as someone who invariably always goes with non-Bob, this week it's the Bob/Johnny version for me. Bob is sounding a bit less Bob-like and anything with Johnny Cash is a yeah from anyway.

  6. I agree to Mojave 3 if I have to name one of them. If I am honest, I would like Rod Stewart's version from 1974 most.

  7. There was a soul version too, CC:

    1. Hi CC,
      Just sent you an email with the track, just in case you weren't one of the d'nlders.

  8. Can't decide. Mojave 3 probably. But I am so much more familiar with the Bob/Johnny one.