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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Fire Inside My Soul

I know that you are all incredibly busy people but can I ask that you take 8 minutes and 36 seconds out of your hectic schedule and listen to Fire Inside My Soul by Ian McNabb.
If it does not lift your spirits then I am afraid there is no hope for you.
Anything that rhymes the Beatles with the Flying Burritos is pretty special.
The first track from the second solo album by The Icicle Works front man the concept album Head Like a Rock from 1994.
You don't need me to tell you that the musical accompaniment comes from Crazy Horse.
Well it couldn't be anyone else, could it?

Ian McNabb - Fire Inside My Soul


  1. 'You Must Be Prepared to Dream' is equally uplifting. A fantastic album.

  2. That's a song that really fills the room. Really enjoyed it. I have just about everything by Icicle Works, but I don't own a thing from McNabb as a solo artist. Big mistake, obviously.

  3. Quality song. And veen better than Wolfmother!

  4. I've only just got round to listening to this. Very uplifting, although a little bit too Springsteeny for me, but when I put that out my head I enjoyed it (sorry TS!)
    With that classic Beatles/Flying Burritos line it's one for your Namechecked series too.

    1. Indeed
      It wold obviously require to by the Flying Burittos as I own nothing by the Beatles

  5. Fantastic. Ian McNabb has written some wonderful anthemic rock songs filled with chunky guitar riffs. I can't understand why none of them were hits... particularly in the 90s when such things were allowed on the radio. You Must Be Prepared To Dream is my favourite... in fact, I really ought to write a post celebrating its awesomeness.

  6. Well, I gave the 8 minutes 36 seconds you asked for and you know I listened I was rooting for it and wanted it to be good but in the end it was too like Springsteen (Thin Lizzy too guitar wise)to stand it's own ground. Still, given Rol's big up I'm going to check out Ian McNabb a bit further, so that's a result! Cheers.