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Monday 19 December 2016

A Christmas Record from Ze

Originally released in 1981 A Christmas Record from Ze Records is considered to be one of the first alternative Christmas albums and is the album that gave us Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses 
A revised edition Ze Christmas Record Reloaded 2004 was issued in on CD format in, yes you've guessed it, 2004.
This was available last year  as a free download if you signed up to Ze records newsletter. I don't know whether this offer still stands.
I took advantage it it and here are a couple of tracks. A version of Silent Night which hopefully will be better received than that by Baby Washington and Kid Creole himself going under his Sunday name of August Darnell.

Lisi - My Silent Night

August Darnell - Christmas on Riverside Drive


  1. We played the original album to death during my third Christmas working in a record shop, much to the consternation of the Shakin' Stevens and Phil Collins fans.

  2. I'm struggling to think which Silent Night is the worst. I've suffered 1 min 25 secs of today's version.I am confident it will be the worst song I hear today. I've played the August Darnell track, well 1 minute 8 seconds.

    1. I suspect you may stuffer with a few of my festive offerings this week George
      You might not actually get to the end of any of them!

    2. I'm sure you can post at least one half-decent tune this week.

    3. I can think of at least one which may meet that criteria!

  3. Unhappy residents of the Iberian peninsula in full effect.

  4. This has already been getting play in Tampa. You can never have enough Ze in your life!

  5. I grabbed that download last year and have enjoyed once already this year. Becoming a holiday tradition.

  6. Love the August Darnell - funky!