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Thursday 22 December 2016

A Christmas Chain ... of sorts

The highlight of the blogging year has been The Chain over at A History of Dubious Taste
Every Wednesday our host Jez posts a song  and you have to guess what the next one in the chain will be.
As well as a couple of serious suggestions great fun is had by suggesting something spurious or obscure,an extremely tenuous link,  a song you want to get out there or fairly often the worse song that you can possibly think off.
Given the title of the blog nothing is out of bounds.Where else will you hear Rupert Holmes and Barbara Dickson  alongside The Wedding Present and Spanky Wilson?

Jez works miracles to churn out between 20 and thirty songs every week, together with a couple of videos and some hilarious and beautifully written commentary.

As a Christmas bonus to compliment  his usual masterpiece I am linking three songs with a Christmas connection..
We start with Low's version of the oft recorded Blue Christmas.
This seamlessly leads us to All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue.
Then the video and my attempt at  humour courtesy of  Better Off Dead

Low - Blue Chrismas

Over The Rhine - All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue

This Chain malarkey is harder than it looks - I think I'll leave it to the expert


  1. Three top tunes in one day! And the best of them was the last. Toptastic.

  2. My jaw is on the floor. He likes 'em! He likes 'em!

    1. That's just rude Brian! I liked yesterday's too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wholeheartedly echo your words about Jez. I don't know how he does it every week, but I'm extremely glad that he does.

  4. A nice homage to "the host" and a few good tunes there too!