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Monday 29 February 2016

Normal for Bridgwater

Some West Coast Americana for you today - the west coast of Somerset that is.
Peter Brutnell is a New Zealand born British Americana artist who stays in Somerset and has released an album called Normal for Bridgwater.
Neither of these songs are from that album.
The excellent Here Came the Swells is from his 2002 album Ends of the Earth although I have taken it from a Loose records compilation Loose Reflections
Darling I Suppose is from another Loose compilation New Sounds of the Old West - volume two.

I've seen him live on a  few occasions and he always puts up a good show.

Peter Bruntnell -Here Come The Swells

Peter Bruntnell -Darling I Suppose

1 comment:

  1. Normal for Bridgwater? The horrendous smell from the polythene factory. Thanks for these, though!