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Tuesday 9 February 2016

The Return of Happy Valley

In May 2014 when the BBC TV series Happy Valley was first aired I posted the theme tune Trouble Town by Jake Bugg.
For the one and only time CCM went viral with over 10,000 hits and counting. Pretty extraordinary when I doubt that any other post has had any more than a couple of hundred hits.
The second series starts today so it will be interesting to see whether I get a second spike.

No Jake Bugg today but rather a song called Happy and one about a Valley. Folk'll get a shock if they come on looking for young Jake.

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Happy

Giant Sand - Valley of Rain


  1. Shock, or relief? Can't stand the Bugg(er)'s uber-bland indiepop for the masses. The Mrs is pleased 'Happy Valley' is back though...

  2. Is that the bloke who sings about the "Lightning Bolt" which he can't pronounce properly. That really gets on my thruppenny bits that one. He deserves a smack.

  3. I know very little about Jake Bugg and even less about Happy Valley, but I do know that today's selections are both rather corking.

  4. Oh I must jump to the defence of Mr Bugg... I'd file him under the same category as The Strypes. Young, hard-working, writes and produces his own stuff, and is idiosyncratic enough to be instantly recognisable, writing quite rootsy songs (if you know what I mean) but remaining highly accessible too, then that's ok by me :-)

  5. I have been checking Netflix every day for months to check on Happy Valley - it's the only way we get to see the series here in The States! Can't wait!

  6. I too know little about Jake Bugg and even littler(?) about Happy Valley apart from the fact that there are probably a few chinese restaurants thus called. I'm here though to alert you (if you don't already know but how could you not?) to two superb other Jenny Lewis tracks - Rise Up With Fists!! and The Charging Sky. Just glorious.