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Monday 15 February 2016

Wanted Man in Brooklyn NYC


The Bob Dylan penned song Wanted Man has long been a favourite of mine.
I love the way it lists a number of Southern towns whose names I suspect sound more exotic than the towns actually are .
I have previously posted the definitive Johnny Cash version so today we have 6 Music presenter and former Fall member Marc Riley.
Taken from an album 'Tl Things are Brighter - A Tribute to Johnny Cash put together by Marc and Jon Langford to raise funds for the Terrence Higgins Trust

Brooklyn's left leaning The Last Internationale currently consisting of Edgy Pires and Delila Paz also have a song called Wanted Man on their album We Will Reign  which over time could become just as iconic.

Marc Riley - Wanted Man

The Last Internationale - Wanted Man


  1. Marc Riley's version, a cover better than the original. Simlarly Charles Bradley's cover of that Black Sabbath song, better than the original. think this should become a series!

  2. Nick Cave does a great version of it too. You get the feeling from his delivery that he genuinely does think he's on the run from the law.

  3. I think we could always rely on Riley to do a good job and he does. Nice one.

    1. Oh, quick
      Thought I'd try one more time.

  4. You should do a Scottish version. Who could resist something that begins "Wanted man in Auchtermuchty,wanted man in Cumbernauld"?

    That reminds me, I have Irish and South African versions of "I've Been Everywhere" somewhere. I may have to subject you to them.

  5. Please do
    I once did a compilation Cd called Wanted MAn in Tilliecoutrie