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Friday 5 February 2016

Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant

If you are going out for a Chinese meal tonight please exercise some caution.
Some more Americana for you today but Stranraer does not feature. Purchased in Glasgow and more than likely in the sadly missed Salvation Sounds in Shawlands Arcade.

Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Chinese Restaurant is the 2000 debut album by Ramsay Midwood. Available on the Vanguard label in the States but my copy is on the mighty Glitterhouse label from Germany.
I've not got much gen on him. He is from Texas I believe and clearly had some Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie records kicking about in his youth.
I think that he has subsequently released another two or three albums.
I have never felt the urge to track them down as I would describe him as a bit one-dimensional - but in a good way.
I think I may have seen him play at Blackfriairs along with Randy Weeks

Ramsay Midwood - Chicago

Ramsay Midwood - Spinnin' On This Rock


  1. I thought I had another Ramsay Midwood album apart from this one. I don't.

  2. you're one dimentional

  3. I'd not heard of him before today, but surely Ramsay Midwood must be the ultimate Americana musician name.

  4. Me, I keep reading his name as Ramsay Macdonald and no I'm not that old and no I'm not dyslexic! I tend to agree with your one dimensional comment, after a single listen though it's ridiculous to dismiss him ......even though I do! Running with that thought a little ...I always find that having listened to an album through once and dismissed it as 'one to offload' I always feel duty bound to give it a second listen (my inbuilt down to earth sense of fairness). This second listen inevitably gives you a further foothold onto a few half-decent melodies, well turned lyrics. This same humanitarian charitableness provokes a third listen and by and by after a couple more plays you think it's the best f\8ckin' thing you've ever heard! Well, something like that anyway! Back to Ramsay though, no I don't think he's for me.