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Wednesday 17 February 2016

'Til Things Are Brighter

portrait by Jon Langford

I featured Marc Riley's version of Wanted Man for 1998's 'Til Things Are Brighter on Monday.
It  later occurred to me that this is probably not the easiest album to hunt down so I thought that I should share some more of it with you good people.
Recorded as a fundraiser for The Terence Higgins Trust in addition to Mr Riley it also features Johnny Cash covers by Stephen Malinder, Steve Mack, Sally Timms, David McComb, Pete Shelley, Cathal Coughlan, Brendan Crocker and Mary Mary.

There is also a quite magnificent version of Man in Black by Marc Almond which I have previously posted.
These are the other three songs on the album

Michelle Shocked - One Piece At A Time

Tracy and Melissa Beehive - Five Feet High and Risin'

Mekons - Folsom Prison Blues

Somewhat criminally this is the first time that the Mekons have featured on CCM  * hangs his head in shame*
Rest assured they will feature again.


  1. An album SO good that some people have two copies.

  2. There is an argument that two copies is not enough!

  3. An inspired way to introduce Mekons to CCM. Well done.

  4. I love this record and played it so often that I also got a second copy. Great stuff.