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Wednesday 24 February 2016


Until recently the only Trashcan Sinatras album I was familiar with was their third album from 1996 A Happy Pocket on Go!Discs which I won in a Radio Scotland competition.
That recently changed following a visit to the Glaisnock Cafe and Bookshop in Wigtown when I came away with a copy of their 1990 debut Cake purchased for the princely sum of a quid.

From Irvine in Ayrshire, Scotland they play  sophisticated indie rock with lovely harmonies.
For much more informative stuff around the Trashcans can I point you in the direction of the ever excellent Plain or Pan. Craig is a huge fan and given his geographical location I suspect that he may well also be an acquaintance of the band.

Without trying I appear to have selected the first two songs chosen as singles

The Trashcan Sinatras -Obscurity Knocks

The Trashcan Sinatras - Onlt Tongue Can Tell


  1. Oh I love Cake. The album that is, and the food too right enough.

    And I once thought about starting up a wee record label which would have the rather ironic name of Obscurity Knocks.


  2. On the trash theme, have you seen the UKIP video?

  3. I think this could be the post that finally gets me off my can and into this band. These songs sound great.

  4. wonderful band. And here's a highly recommended place to learn much more