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Thursday 18 February 2016

God Gave Me Gravity

My CD single of God Gave Me Gravity by Cable must rank as one of the most unusual  ones in my collection.
It is a clear disc and some feathers and pebbles are contained within the jewel case.
I suspect that I got it for the novelty value as opposed to anything else but actually it is not bad at all.

A bit of research tells me that they were from Derby and that they were active from 1992-1999. God Gave Me Gravity is from 1997. At one point they went from being Cable to cable.

One of the feathers has just escaped.

Cable -God Gave Me Gravity

Cable -Freeze The Atlantic (Supercharger Remix)


  1. I remember this single. A couple of the jewel cases cracked in transit to my shop, leaving a small layer of detritus at the bottom of the delivery box.

  2. This is very very good. As is the remix thingy. well done.

  3. They did a cover of Ring of Fie which was alright too

  4. I wrote about cable on the pages of tnvv about two years ago. They made a couple of very good albums. Then vanished. Keep up the good work. Swc.

  5. Good fun, CC. This came out during a time when I wasn't buying much music. Completely missed it the first time around. As you and Kevin said yesterday, I was probably listening to Freedy. Seriously.