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Thursday 11 February 2016

I Love Your Friends, They're All So Arty

Time for a bit of FF without the S.
Their second album You Could Have It So Much Better from 2005 on the Domino label continues with the same rich vein of art school indie dance music from their eponymous debut album the previous year

Like all good pop music they burnt quickly and brightly for a while and by the time their third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand came out in 2009 the world had begun to move on to newer things.

Good looking, talented, intelligent and very much part of the in -crowd you really want to hate them. However, their music makes that nigh on impossible.

No relation to  Rio and Anton.

Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To

Franz Ferdinand - You're The Reason I'm Leaving


  1. That first album was an exciting time, wasn't it? Alas, you have described my relationship with this band perfectly. Moved on pretty quickly.

  2. still got a soft spot for them. When they were road-testing some new material a few years back I was luckt]y enough to get a ticket for an FF fig at Nice N Sleazy's which you know is pretty small. Magical night as it was just fans there to hear the music.

    Worth mentioning that the FFS show last year at Barrowlands was great fun.

    Oh and 'Take Me Out' is one of my karaoke specials....i'm no singer but you can just chant and rant to that one!!

  3. I think FF deserves a closer look. As a Post Punk fan (addict), FF hit a lot of sweet spots early on. They got lumped in with a number of other bands who had much less to offer and this may have hurt them a bit. But if you take the time to listen to their catalogue, you will find a band that's pretty damn consistent, and more adventurous than they were given credit for early on.