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Monday, 8 February 2016

The Fall - 85 Vintage

Drew recently commented on my Patti Smith post that he sat (or stood) through two playings of the first disc of Land whilst waiting for the Fall to deign to grace the audience with their company. Anyone who has been to a Fall gig can surely emphasise.

I've never been the world's biggest Fall fan but I find myself enjoying them more as I get older.
I got a pal The Complete Peel Sessions for his 40th and subsequently borrowed it back and copied it.
I spend a  couple of pleasant mornings in the car last week listening to sessions 8 to 15 ( May 85 to January 1992)
From Session 8 recorded on 14th May 1985 and on disc 3 here are a couple of crackers.

The Fall are neither Scottish nor particularly soulful

The Fall - Cruiser's Creek (Peel Session)

The Fall - Spoilt Victorian Child (Peel Session)


  1. Given the generosity you've shown above, I now eagerly await the 3CD Kent box set!

  2. For some reason a McAfee security warning prevented me from playing either of today's selections, although I'm familiar with both of them. The Complete Peel Sessions has been high on my wants list for quite some time.

    1. McAfee must have cottoned on to the fact that MES is the devil Swede!

  3. 2 of the Fall's finest tunes there CC.
    Swiss Adam

  4. Sometimes I think that Th Complete Peel sessions is the only music you really need.

  5. Does your Fall pal live in Portugal?