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Wednesday 3 February 2016


Can it really be 12 years since K.T.Tunstall  released her debut album Eye to the Telescope and subsequently shot to fame with her performance of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree on Later.. with Jools Holland?
Apparently so.
She has subsequently released a further 3 albums one of which 2007's Drastic Fantastic has previously featured on CCM.
She is from St Andrews and is a contemporary of Fence Collective artists such as King Creosote and James Yorkston.
She did a radio show on Christmas Night on Radio Scotland which confirmed that she has great musical taste.
She has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a soundtrack musical career and prepare a fifth stdio album - as you do.

K.T. Tunstall - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

K.T. Tunstall - Suddenly I See


  1. CC, Do you recall anything she played on that radio show? Kind of curious...

  2. Gosh Brian - it was a long day and strong drink had been taken!
    I remember she played King Creoste and Chvrches and possibly John Prine and Billie Holiday.
    Some CHristmas numbers as well including a Hawaiian Christmas song by her and Glasvegas doing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

  3. Very good, CC. That was a tall order. Not like it was last week.