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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones

I've been meaning to post something from 1977 the 1996 debut album from Ash  for ages so here goes.
Two stonking thrashy songs.
The album is so named to commemorate the birth of two members of the band (FFS!). the release of the first Star Wars film and also of the first punk albums.

The latter was most firmly in my mind given that as soon as I thought 1977 I found myself shouting No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones - as you do

Ash - Girl From Mars

Ash - Kung Fu

The Clash - 1977

Total coincidence but today happens to be Ash Wednesday!


  1. I've been struggling to wake myself up this morning, but these tunes helped immensely.

  2. Every one a winner. On CCM it's (Cl)ash Wednesday!

  3. a very talented and entertaining band.....

  4. If there was enough material, Ash Wednesday would be an absolutely brilliant theme for a series. That would giving Welsh Wednesdays a run for its money. Of course, the Robster has enough knowledge of that subject to go on forever.

  5. I bought this album. Hardly listened to it. Going home now to listen to some 70/80s vinyl. Terrible stuff: Deniece Williams, Detroit Spinners, and Stevie's favourite, Debbie Gibson

  6. Excellent album... the hidden track was a pain in the arse to find, though. (IIRC, you have to rewing from Track 1?)