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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Land Ahoy

Another female singer today but a totally different can of worms from yesterday's offerings.
I have finally gotten round to listening to Disc 2 of the Patti Smith anthology Land (1975 -2002) which features demos, live tracks and the occasional final track.

Let's start with one which was mentioned in dispatches by commentators when I featured Disc one. Here is a demo from 1975 of  Redondo Beach the final version of which graces Horses.There is a lovely reggae feel to this one.
The live version of 25th Floor which features on Easter has more of a rock'n'roll feel about it Recorded in Eugene, Oregon in 1978.

Patti Smith - Redondo Beach (Demo)

Patti Smith -25th Floor (Live)


  1. Still regret not managing to see Patti perform Horses in Glasgow last year.


  2. Our old pal Scott raved about the Glasgow show. So much so that when Jamie mentioned it I immediately thought of him. Sounded like quite a night. Great picks today, CC.

  3. Once heard the first cd twice while waiting for the Fall to appear on stage. Must have been a factor of the sound man's either that or the only one he had.

  4. Great version of 'Redondo Beach'.