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Tuesday 23 February 2016


I  recently purchased  1981's Sister Feelings Call by Simple Minds for 50p in a community thrift shop in Ballantrae, South Ayrshire.
This gave me a long awaited opportunity to finally posting The American which along with Chelsea Girl are pretty much my favourite Simple Minds songs.

Staring out as Johnny and the Self Abusers, the Minds are from  Toryglen a pretty rough and sadly neglected area of Glasgow quite near Hampden Park.
Toryglen's other main claim to fame is as the star of an advert for the Sony Bravia

Despite the name it is a safe bet that  any Tory  would not last long were they ever foolish enough to enter Toryglen

Simple Minds - The American

Simple Minds - Chelsea Girl


  1. Two of my favourite Simple minds tunes as well.

  2. so if Toryglen is NOT the home of all weegie conservatives, how DID it gets name?

  3. Love everything through Sparkle in the Rain. A little too long for most, I know, but a great run nevertheless. You picked some goodies, CC. Sweat in Bullet is my personal favorite.

  4. You actually found a copy of sister feelings call - all I ever see is sons and fascination with sister feelings call tagged onto it.

  5. You are spot on with your thoughts about these two, I reckon. Definitely their best work, along with the Empires and Dance LP. Where did it all go wrong?

  6. Belfast Child and Mandela Day is where it really went all wrong.