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Friday 26 February 2016

Birthday Boys

Today would have been the 84th birthday of the Man in Black Mr John R Cash.
It is also the 53rd birthday of retired blogger cum peanut farmer George,

To commemorate this momentous occasion here are a couple of tracks from the recently released "lost" album Out Among The Stars featuring previously unreleased songs recorded in 1984 which Mrs CC bought for me on my last birthday
The version of She Used to Love Me a Lot is the bonus track on the album and is the one which is produced by Elvis Costello.

Happy birthday chaps
It is also Michael Bolton's birthday

Johnny Cash - I Drove Her Out Of My Mind

Johnny Cash - She Used To Love Me A Lot


  1. "retired blogger cum peanut farmer George"

    It's the simple things that make me laugh loudest.

    And for what it's worth, I share my birthday with Sir Paul McCartney.

    1. Sir Mick Jagger and Drew's missus in my case JC

  2. Thanks CC. You'll be impressed to hear that I have a new saw, a birthday present. Peanuts not planted yet, it's too early in the year.

  3. It's also Fats Domino and Sandie Shaw's birthdays today. Michael Bolton is now not included in the Guardian's list! Shame.

  4. Happy Birthday George! Sharing your birthday with Johnny Cash, eh? That's nuts.
    I share mine with Screaming Jay Hawkins, Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela...

  5. All the best George. Hope it was a hard point cross cut George.

    As I have said before, fucking hate Michael Bolton, nearly as much as Michael Gove.

  6. Thanks Drew. Of course you will not be surprised that I don't know what a hard-point cross-cut is - it's smallish with a curved blade. I am a fan of Mre Bolton ever sice I saw him on Never Mind The Buzzcocks,a funny bloke.
    And thanks Robster - SJH, nice one

  7. Happy birthday George- hope them peanuts are growing nicely.

  8. Happy birthday George. I share my birthday with Charlie Chaplin, Dusty Springfield.........and Jimmy Osmond. It was all going so well.

  9. All the best, George. Hope you're having a great day.

  10. Very versatile and long lasting sword. No need to sharpen.

    Will never forgive Bolton for his murdering of Dock Of The Bay

  11. Sword, you know I meant saw really