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Saturday 20 February 2016

Celtic Connections 2011

A few comments and a few hits for 2010 so I shall stop pathetically canvassing for support.
Some really good female artists from the 2011 compilation for you today.

First off, a big favourite in the CCM household from her album Traiveller's Joy on White Fall Records here is Dumfries' finest Emily Smith with Gypsy Davy.
Emily is followed by Irish musical royalty in the shape of Sharon Shannon and Imelda May.Robster I hope that I haven't stolen your thunder and that this does not clash with your latest Devil's Music offering.
Finally Steele the Show featuring another excellent Scottish singer Karine Polwart.

2012 next week

Emily Smith - Gypsy Davy

Sharon Shannon (feat. Imelda May) - Go Tell The Devil

Steele The Show (feat Karine Polwart) - Heave Ya Ho


  1. It is with great shame that I have to admit that until now, I wasn't aware of the Shannon/Imelda track. Thanks for posting it.

    And never worry about clashing with my posts - I've stolen/borrowed enough of your ideas over the past couple of years that I'm sure I owe you a fair bit in return!

  2. A very enjoyable selection. 'Heave Ya Ho' is particularly good.