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Thursday 29 February 2024

Leap Year


Since I retired I can just about remember which day of the week it is. But don't ask me what the date is as I wont have a clue.

However I am aware that given this is a leap year that today is Thursday 29th February. Commiserations to the poor sods who are still working and have to work an extra day.

I believe it is a day that traditionally women  ask men to marry them. So congratulations if that's the case for you.

I'll do a post with Leap songs I thought, but it turned  out to be harder than I anticipated. I managed two songs and two bands.

You should all be familiar with the two acts performing the songs but maybe less so with the acts with Leap in their name. Some of you I am sure will be familiar with the Scottish Indie band Randolph's Leap named after a scenic beauty spot on the River Findhorn. You will probably be less familiar with the Manchester Band The Great Leap Forward. I know I was.

Stay tuned for a similar post in four years time

The Dave Clark Five - Look Before You Leap

Billy Bragg -Waiting For the Great Leap Forwards

Randolph's Leap - Up In Smoke

The Great Leap Forwards - My Grandfather's Cluck


  1. Ah, Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards... First saw Billy live in 1990. Support came from Caroline Trettine and Sid Griffin & The Coal Porters. This song closed Billy's final encore, and Caroline, Sid and all the Coal Porters joined him on stage for it. A spectacular end to a special gig. Have seen BB many times since and, whilst always good, he’s never topped that night for me. And as for this song … well, I don’t think he’s ever topped it really either.

  2. Sorry to have to tell you but you have now reached an advanced stage of retirement (like me because I had to check) - today is Thursday! :)

    1. See!
      Thanks for keeping me right
      I will edit it

  3. I am reassured that no-one else noticed

  4. Back in the mists of time wasn't there a Leapy Lee with a song Little Arrows? The second best song (after WFTGLF) with Leap in the title has to be Leap Year by Sebadoh. Great noisy track