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Sunday 25 February 2024



2024 Charity Shop Purchases #13 - Fairport Convention - Rosie

It became clear in the Chest, Heart & Stroke charity shop in Auchterarder that someone was pruning back their folk collection.

I wasn't about to turndown Rosie by Fairport Convention. From 1973 on the Island label Rosie was the band's eighth album since their debut in 1968 and it is clear that it came after the "good ones" My copy is the 2004 Remastered Deluxe version with live versions of 5 out of the 10 tracks included

It´s the successor to "Babbacombe Lee" from 1971 with several line-up changes. Simon Nicol had left the band and former Fotheringay members  Sandy Denny's husband Trevor Lucas (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Jerry Donahue (guitar) had joined. Simon Nicol was the last remaining member from the original line-up which meant that the line-up on Rosie didn´t feature a single original members of the band. The album was produced by new member Trevor Lucas.

Richard Thompson and Sandy  Denny did however contribute guitar and backing vocals respectively to the title track.

AllMusic gives it 2.5/5 with a user rating of 3.5/5. I think that I would go with the former. A couple of good songs here and there but not a patch on some of their earlier classics. At times it sounds like a different band which in reality is what it actually is.

I'm not convinced that this one is a keeper.

Fairport Convention - Rosie

Fairport Convention - My Girl


  1. It isn't one of their better efforts. 'Nine' by the same lineup later in the year is an improvement, but the one to look for is 'Rising For The Moon' from 1975 which Sandy rejoined for.

  2. These two could be interesting, hopefully not a couple of those "one-hand-over-an-ear, head to one side" folkie nonsense

    1. Rosie was an ok listen, but My Girl was tedious