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Tuesday 27 February 2024

Keep on Truckin’ 5

This may or may not appear on time today due to on-going technical problems. Could be expensive given the amount that mechanics charge and as for parts ....

Hopefully we manage to  to this week’s trucks on the road in time. We are pulling out all the stops.

We are starting up in Canada this week with Fred Eaglesmith with a song from Falling Stars and Broken Hearts. (You would be correct in assuming that he is a Country artist).  Fred proclaims that he wants to buy your truck (assuming it is in working order). He’s a big lad so best not to argue …. or haggle.

Stephen Pastel is far too nice a man to argue or indeed haggle. He knows his modes of transport though which he demonstrates as the Pastels sing of Truck, Train, Tractor from their album Up for a Bit With The Pastels from 1987. A Monorail is obviously his transport mode of choice.

Hopefully a band with a name like the Bottle Rockets will have the sense to ensure that there is a designated Truck Drivin’ Man who ideally is prepared to give it all he can.

Hopefully the mechanics will ensure that we are ticking along nicely and back on the road again for next week

Fred Eaglesmith - I Wanna Buy Your Truck

The Pastels - Truck, Train, Tractor

The Bottle Rockets - Truck Drivin' Man (Give It All I Can)


  1. Another fine fleet of big rigs.

  2. Will there be a future series dedicated to songs about monorails?

    1. A contribution to the new series:

  3. Was beginning to wonder if the Pastels were going to make the cut. For my money, this is the best truckin’ week yet. Love me some Bottle Rockets. Fell hard for them during a period when they were backing Marshall Crenshaw for his live shows. - Brian

  4. 'A Monorail is obviously his transport mode of choice.'

    Very droll, CC. I did laugh louder at that than I should have.