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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Brothers ,Sisters ..... 19


It's the penultimate week of this series and we have the Battle of the Cs  or if you prefer Canada versus the USA.

In the Canadian corner we have from Toronto  David and Andrew collectively known as the Cash Brothers who didn't record and sing together  until they were in their 30s. It maybe took them that amount of time to grow their hair that long.

I first came across them at SXSW in Austin around 2001 when they were promoting their album How Was Tomorrow and subsequently picking up the 2003 follow up A Brand New Light two excellent slabs of Canadian Americana.

Andrew went on to become  a New Democratic Party MP in  the Canadian Parliament from 2011-2015.

I know nothing about the Caulfield Sisters. Wiki tells me that they are an indie rock/shoegaze trio from Brooklyn consisting of Cindy Wheeler, Mary Catherine Guidera and Kristin Mueller who have been on the go from 2000. During that time they have released three albums and it seems that they are not averse to a Smiths cover.

Never mind the Smiths any act who release a song paying homage to the Boss'  greatest album are always going to get my vote.

You will be glad to hear that it will be the final instalment next Wednesday. 

Cash Brothers - Raceway

Cash Brothers - Nebraska

Caulfield Sisters -Mosquito

Caulfield Sisters - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want


  1. As soon as I saw the Cash Brothers, I thought of Nebraska, and knew they'd got my vote.

  2. It's a gossamer difference here but I'm siding with the sisters on the strength of that pretty neat Smiths cover