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Thursday 22 February 2024

Songs by Bands I Don’t Like 5 - A Guest Series


For the final time George writes:

The premise of the series is that even bands we really do not like have at least one passably good song. Well, obviously not The Pet Shop Boys, they are just absolute bobbins, totally and utterly,  and inexplicably popular.

The first group today do not feature anywhere on the shelves, but if I had not stopped collecting the History of Rock LPs at volume 25 (The Beatles were vol. 26) I would have four Eagles songs (on vol. 30). The songs I have heard from the first two albums, allegedly country rock, leave me cold. And those ballady things from later era are truly terrible. But, in best contrarian fashion, I inexplicably like this song, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure kind of song for me:

The Eagles - New Kid in Town

It’s on one of my Downloads series of cds. Unlike the next group!

And unlike all bar 1 of the 9 previous artistes (the Beatles, my brother has all their proper studio albums) I have actually listened to three of this band’s albums. Many many years ago, in 1984, a college friend loaned me a plethora of his albums, which included Wall Of Voodoo, the B52s, The Fall, and two albums by The Clash. (On my way back to return them, my friend Euan and I were almost mugged in the streets of Dundee, but I avoided physical harm by yielding the 8 cans of sweetheart stout I also had with me, so Rakesh’s albums were saved).So that’s the first album and Give ‘em Enough Rope heard all the way through. The third album I actually have, bought on a record-shopping day, money burning a hole in my pocket, and it only cost £5 from FOPP. 

The Clash - London Calling

Purchased because of the song, album played once. I also have Rock The Casbah, bought on its release.  Many people who read these pages are big fans of the band. Mr CC certainly is, and I’ve seen that presentation display of London Calling in his own Music Room.

So there you have it. Ten songs in all that I  do like and can easily listen to, all done by Bands That I Don’t Like.

CC writes:

Thanks George - I think you have just about managed to annoy everyone. A magnificent effort!

It's all about opinions!

It would be a boring world if we were all the same.


  1. Looking at my stats this series has had more views than any other posts this month!
    There must be a market for this kind of thing!

  2. I refuse to accept that these are the only ten popular bands that George hates. I fully expected to still be reading this feature in my dotage.

    1. I'm sure that there will be a further instalment in due course

    2. They are not bands that I hate, it's just that I don't like them and have a bit of an aversion to their music. Genesis come closest to an extreme dislike.

  3. I'll give you The Eagles George, a dreadful pile of shite. But The Clash and Pet Shop Boys?!

    1. Sorry Adam, I know you and CC here are huge admirerers of The Clash, but they do nothing for me.

  4. Replies
    1. I'm not sure that's exactly what I said...

  5. This is the best thing on the internet this week. I'm going to think about bands I dislike this weekend and one song that isn't so terrible by them..

  6. How about a series on bands you love but have one song of theirs you really hate? My vote would go to Wild Horses by the Stones. Although, for the sake of accuracy, I don't actually love the Stones I merely like them and as for Wild Horses, I don't actually hate the song it's just that I don't 'get' why so many people love it. Sorry, I think I've just scuppered the rationale for that new series. Forget I ever mentioned it.