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Tuesday 20 December 2022

Another Two Bite The Dust


Following my very first tentative steps towards housekeeping in early November anothe two CDs have finally bitten the dust . At this rate this exercise should be just about completed by the year 2525. There is a songtitle in there somewhere.

As before they have been copied to the harddrive in the unlikly event that I have an epiphany and decide that they are worth saving after all.At least I may have a potentially neverending theme series on my hands.

The first to go is Lovers a 2003 album by Australian band  The Sleepy Jackson which I picked up in a local charity shop in 2014. It seems from my post shortly after purchasing this that I was reasonably impressed with this one. Not that impressed though as I have never knowingly listened to it since.

Moloko was a name I was familiar with but not necessarily the music. Things to Make and Do was purchased for 50p in St Andrews as far back as 2013. My post at the time had Jury's Out as a heading. Well after an inordinate period of time the jury has finally returned with a Not Proven verdict.

Back to charity they go!

The Sleepy Jackson - Good Dancers

Moloko - The Time is Now


  1. You should keep the Sleepy Jackson one. It's excellent. Although 'good dancers' is by far the best track

  2. Thanks for sharing Moloko. Always liked her sound.

  3. If you haven't returned them yet, I'll take them off your hands when we hook up for our Festive Frolics.

  4. I liked the Moloko track so much I bought the company....... er downloaded it. Sometimes though you just have to l-e-t t-h-i-n-g-s g-o