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Sunday 18 December 2022

Albums on both CD and Vinyl (Sort Of) - The Four Tops Greatest Hits



The final instalment in this series is somewhat of an anomaly.

Yes I have a vinyl Four Top -Greatest Hits and a CD Four Top -Greatest Hits and they are the same but different.

The vinyl copy is the original from 1967 on the Tamla Motown label and has 16 tracks . The CD version pictured below is from 1987 on Motown and includes 12 of the above tracks but in a different order. It is a strange state of affairs when the vinyl copy has more than the CD one


Both picked up in charity shops over the last few years. The vinyl was picked up in  Stranraer in 2017 with the CD being picked up later in Granton-on- Spey in the autumn of 2019. As the dates suggest I was somewhat late to the party something for which Rol has quite rightly previously taken me to task about.

It is a wee while since I have heard from Lynchie. Hopefully this post will lead to him regaling us with the tale of him dancing in the aisles when seeing them live (not that I'm jeaous!)


  1. I'm not these count as the same album technically. Both splendid of course.

  2. I would trade both of these in for the newer model. Motown released the Definitive Collection in 2008, and it sounds unbelievable. - Brian

  3. I’ll add the three songs here are unimpeachable. - Brian

  4. I have the 12-track vinyl LP of which your CD is the reissue. It came out in 1967 in the US, though my copy is from the early '80s. That first generation of CDs generally failed to take advantage of the longer running time to give buyers bonus tracks -- that all came later, when the record companies needed to persuade us all to buy everything one more time. I suspect your 16-track LP was a UK version, because a 16-track single LP would have been unheard-of in the US in the '60s. (The fact that it's labeled "Tamla-Motown" pretty much proves it's not a US version.) Anyway, all this aside, this album pretty much defines "all killer, no filler"! -- Marc