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Sunday 4 December 2022

Albums on both CD and Vinyl - The Unraveling


Apologies  - this one has appeared here recently. Well just over a year ago in fact. I had something else in mind for today  but was behind with my posts so needed something quick and dirty. The Drive-By Truckers certainly fit that bill.

From 2020 The Unraveling is Paterson Hood's blistering assessment on Trump's America. For a native of Alabama it was a pretty brave thing to do. In years to come people will look back with incredulity and ask did that really happen. In the UK they will say that's America for you and then remember Johnson and Truss (and probably Sunak too,it is early days).

I'd lost interest in the DBTs by around 2010 which coincided with the departure of Jason Isbel. They were also pursuing a more rockier path which was really not my thing.

This album however struck a chord and was very much a return to form.Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with the follow up The New OK.

I bought the album on vinyl after hearing a few songs. The CD came along later unbelivably  as part of  a four for a pound offer in a Dingwall charity shop.

Babies in Cages and 21st Century USA have appeared here before and are both extremely powerful songs.I was tempted to feature them again but there are plenty more to choose from.

I think Paterson has got the history right.

Drive-By Truckers -Armageddon's Back in Town

Drive-By Truckers -Thoughts and Prayers

Drive-By Truckers -Heroin Again

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  1. This is definitely the best thing they've done in recent years. Would have been very impressed to get it as 4 for £1.