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Saturday 31 December 2022

That Was The Year That Was


Well we have finally made it to the end of 2022 and good riddance to it.

Despite the Covid situation improving by and large it has been a pretty grim year.

Where to start with the politics? Three words - Johnson, Truss and Sunak who have systematically set out to fill the pockets of their chums and to bleed the country dry.
The energy crisis is a classic example - compare the prices being charged here to the other countries in Europe and check out the profits of the energy companies.
Another example of how Brexit is working out for the ordinary folk perhaps?

Then there is the NHS which is a bit of a worry. It seems to me that the Government are deliberately not engaging in dialogue with the nurses in an attempt to turn the public against them..This of course will in turn help to facilitate the privitisation of the NHS and fill the pockets of their chums still further.

Lets hope that the public stand strong and that the Tories get annihilated in the upcoming General Election. Not that Labour are much better.

That's the rant over. On the positive side it has been a good year for music despite the sad deaths of many legends particularly in the last month or so.
I've also bought more records  this year than I have for about a decade and have also had some good charity finds and CD hauls. There is a lot of good music out there if you look carefully.

A particular highlight for me was the Edinburgh Bloggers Convention when I got to spend some time with AlysonCJohnMartin and The Swede. It was great to meet and be in the company of such like minded individuals. Despite having only met Alyson before they instantly all seemed like old friends.
There is talk of something similar in 2023.Lets hope it happens.

I shall now stop wittering and take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2023. And heres wishing Jez a speedy recovery.

See you on the other side.


  1. Happy New Year CC. Swc.

  2. Great summing up of the year. Edinburgh was such a bright light in the darkness!
    Happy New Year to you and Mrs CC.

  3. A fab summing up of the year, if a stark reminder of the cesspit the Tories have dug and thrown us all into. Great song selection, this one also sprang to mind

    Have a very Happy New Year, CC!

  4. A pretty good summation of the political and economic year, but as you say, there were also some personal highlights as well, like meeting up with all of you.

    Happy New Year CC and Mrs CC.

  5. Belated Happy New Year greetings . Never stop ranting when it's fully justified.