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Friday 23 December 2022

Townes Covered -Silver Ships of Andilar


A day early this week to confuse you and which obviously goes some way to explaining the paucity of votes cast. No doubt a late flurry would have flooded in over the next 24 hours.

A convincing win by Townes by 5-1 over Ray Benson with their respective versions of If I Needed You..It would have been 4-0 but Alyson, maybe feeling sorry for Ray, gave them a vote each.In the spirit of Christmas and to combat the general apathy for this series I'm willing to let that go.
There were a couple of comments that the version by Emmylou Harris and Don Williams would have run Townes closer. That's certainly true but Emmylou has featured before.

The overall score is now Townes 8 the Rest 1 so he is nearly home and hosed.
As I mentioned last week I am beginning to struggle a bit but am still reasonably confident that we can get to 10. Picking up on my less than subtle hint Ernie very kindly stepped up to the plate an offered up a cover of one of Townes' lesser known songs Silver Ships of Andilar.

I was vaguely familiar with the Dylanesque original from his 1978 album The Late Great Townes Van Zandt but not the cover by Tyler Key a singer/songwriter from Athens, Georgia. Ernie advised that this is from an EP of Townes covers available on a name your price basis from Bandcamp which is well worth a couple of coppers

Tyler's cover is pretty faithful to the original and not bad at all but it is Townes for me again.Others of course may choose to differ.

You will have an extra week to submit your votes as the next (and possibly final) cover will be posted on Saturday 7th January 2023. Townes will appear here  again before then but not as part of this series



  1. I should probably abstain this week, but as CC says the EP (also featuring the Hibbs Family Band) is worth a listen if you're at a loose end.

  2. Yet again I'm going to go with the alternative. As the weeks have gone by it's been nice to have an alternative take on these great songs.

  3. Not a lot in those this week for me, perhaps because I didn't recognise the original... although the instrumentation just won me over once it got going. Townes.