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Friday 30 December 2022

A Couple of Lists - Part 2


Records yesterday, gigs today.

This year I only attended a measly nine gigs.

Three were folky/family events - Sharon Shannon - Celtic Connections - Royal Concert Hall, New Auditorium (7/10), The Fureys - Pavilion Theatre (5/10) and Phil Cunningham's Christmas Concert  - Royal Concert Hall (8/10)

I also attended the LNFG Annual Birthday show at Stereo where I  saw Vulture Party and Domiciles who aren't really my sort of thing at all (6/10)

That leaves 5 which I will put in some sort of order

5  - Constant Follower - Glad Cafe  - October  8/10

This was the second time I had seen them this year. Whereas they were very good and had added a female singer (whose name I did not capture) to accompany Stephen McCall I wasn't as blown away as the first time I saw them.

4 - Hanging Stars/ Gerry Love - Stereo - October 8/10

This gig would probably have scored higher had I been in time to see Gerry Love's full set. I enjoyed the Hanging Stars who not surprisingly concentrated on their latest album Hollow Heart but thought that there set could have been that wee bit longer. Also no encore which was a surprise.Ava, as you would expect was the highlight

3 - Constant Follower/ Mt Doubt  - Stereo - March 9/10

This was the first time I saw them at a quarter full Stereo and they were mesmerizing . Four guys sitting in a row plucking acoustic guitars and bass with the almost whispered vocals of McCa. Stunning.

Support from Mt Doubt or more accurately Leo Bagary in one of his last shows as/with the band. He gave it his all despite the poor attendance. I shall keep an eye out for his new adventures.

2 - Broken Chanter/Raveloe - Glad Cafe - April 9/10

A terrific show which I reviewed here 

I was at the CCA a couple of years ago for the launch of his debut album Broken Chanter. It was a sit down show and a pretty sedate affair.

This one a belated launch show for Catastrophe Hits was a different beast altogether. The band and the crowd were totally jumping and David's patter was flowing. Raveloe was much quieter and reflective but I would certainly go and see her again.

1 - Rose City Band - Broadcast - September 10/10.

This was the first time I had been to Broadcast and was there to see Rose City Band for the first time.It was on a Sunday ,the day after the Manchester Psych Fest with a few stragglers having made it up north - review here

I am a big fan of the band who play some brilliant Psychedelic Americana as a side project by  Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo's Ripley Johnson. They have released three albums to date all of which are must haves. Songs from all three featured with a tight band and some terrific guitar and piano playing.

At the time I called it as my gig of the year and that still stands

Mt. Doubt - Caravans

Broken Chanter -Extinction Event Souvenir T-Shirt

Rose City Band - Only Lonely


  1. The Fureys! Good to see you are listening to some proper music at last instead of all that bang bang twang twang nonsense

  2. I missed RCB this year, pretty gutted about that. Love all of Ripley's bands.