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Thursday, 22 December 2022

A Low Christmas


The recent deaths of Terry Hall and Martin Duffy have served to remind us that 2022 has been a terrible year in respect of the deaths of musical greats, probably second only to 2016.

Another recent sad death of course was that of Mimi Parker from ovarian cancer in her mid 50s.It seems therefore more appropriate than usual  this year to feature Christmas the EP by Low from 1999.

One year I took this to play at the work's informal Christmas lunch where it  (very) temporarily vied for airplay with Wham, Wizard, Maria Carey et al.
It was not well received.
Bunch of Philistines unlike the readers of CCM who of course all have exquisite taste.


  1. Another tragic loss, amongst so many this year. I’ve loved Low’s Christmas since I first heard it. It’s fair to say that Mrs K & Lady K are less enamoured. I pay no heed to their opinion on this subject and it’s on regular rotation at Casa K.

    If You Were Born Today made it onto my Bad Santa V festive selection for this year along with a cover of Just Like Christmas by Silversun Pickups. Admittedly not close to topping the original, which appeared on the very first Bad Santa selection and is one of my favourite Low songs and performances by Mimi. What a voice.

    RIP Mimi

  2. Perfect for this very 'low' Christmas. Just can't seem to gather the energy for an upbeat festive blog post this year and that's saying something coming on the back of two Christmases blighted by covid. Not very much to feel cheerful about this year although I suppose we have to try.


  3. Oh how that cry of 'Philistines' resonates. I've had a lifetime of feeling that. I can bland out with the best of them and embrace the poppiest of songs and yet it seems it's not a reciprocal two way street. I console myself that it's 'their' loss but let's face it, it's a hollow victory.