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Saturday 17 December 2022

Townes Covered - If I Needed You


A bit more straithforward last week with a resounding win  of 6-1 by Townes over Guy Clark with their respective versions of To Live is to Fly. Only Alyson was rowing against the tide.

The overall score is now Townes 7 The Rest 1. Interestingly, it was nearly 6 -2 the week before as regular Friday night commenter Spence voted for Loretta by  John Prine at 01.28 am on Saturday morning. As the post was scheduled for 08.00 and I was safely tucked up in bed it wasn't counted. So get in early.

It is beginning to get tricky now. I've still got plenty of songs by Townes that I don't have covers of and a few covers but not the Townes originals. I'll see how I get on but may put out a call for help shortly.

Courtesy of the compilation Poet - a tribute to Townes Van Zandt I've managed to come up with a cover of If I Needed You by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel fame.

It's a no-brainer for me this week - it's Townes all day long.

Others,of course, may choose to differ

Next week's cover will be on Friday as opposed to Saturday

Ray Benson - If I Needed You

Townes Van Zandt - If I Needed You


  1. Townes. But if it had been the Emmylou and Don Williams version I would have given a rare vote for the opposition.

    1. That would certainly have been a much closer call. Emmylou has already appeared with Pancho & Lefty

  2. Ray has a nice voice, but it seems unfair to pit him against the original.

  3. I came here to suggest the Emmylou/Don Williams version, only to find out that Ernie beat me to it. I like the Ray Benson version, which sounds nothing at all like Asleep at the Wheel; but not as much as Townes or Emmylou. -- Marc

  4. I was definitely against the tide last time.

    This time I'm going to give them each a point (which is rubbish for your scoring system I know) as I prefer the arrangement in the Ray version but prefer Townes's voice in his version. The continual percussion annoyed me a bit in his arrangement.