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Friday, 2 December 2022

Young at Heart


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #80- The Bluebells -Young at Heart (CD Single)

Glasgow 80's Indie Pop band The Bluebells have experienced something of a renaissance over the last couple of years.

They were originally active between 1981and 1986  when they had three hit singles in the UK.They enjoyed a revival in 1996 when Young at Heart was used in a Volkswagen TV advert . It reached number one in the UK singles charts with the band temporarily reforming to appear on Top of the Pops.The CD version is what I am featuring today and it also includes their other two previous hit singles plus Brendan Behan's The Patriot Game

There were a number of other brief reunions to play at festivals, etc prior to Young at Heart achieving a greater accolade than being number one. Yes, the band are featured playing in the Winter Gardens at Glasgow's People's Palace in the last ever episode of Still Game.

Last Night From Glasgow launched their Past Night From Glasgow offshoot  in 2020 with a re-release of their album Sisters from 1984. They are scheduled to release a new album The Bluebells in the 21st Century early next year.

Mrs CC and I saw them put on a tremendous show at the CCA around this time last year and have tickets to see them at Oran Mor in February.

Without further ado here is some jingly jangly pop music to ease you into the weekend.

The Bluebells - Young at Heart

The Bluebells -Cath (remix)

The Bluebells - I'm Falling

The Bluebells - The Patriot Game


  1. Co-written by a Banana - Siobhan Fahey was the girlfriend of Robert Hodgens/Bobby Bluebell at the time. First release was on the Banana's debut album Deep Sea Skiving.
    Lots of 80s plinky plonk synth strings and bass, no voilin riff.

  2. Ah, the 1980s. Had a bit of a soft spot for the Bluebells in the face of much more serious indie competition. There's a place for everyone in our musical hearts except Roger Whittaker and Moby......and Twisted Sister, Celene Dion and The Wurzels.....oh yeah and Skrewdriver too

  3. Great stuff, CC. I’m a late admirer of The Bluebells. I’ve just signed up to Late Night From Glasgow’s vinyl subscription for the very first time. I’m currently digging into The Bluebells’ previous releases in the PNFG digital vaults and very much looking forward to the new album.

  4. You can dig pretty deep into the band's story in the excellent book Hungry Beat that I know id on your Christmas list. It's funny. I was living in Japan when this song had its second coming, and I completely missed it. I do have a 7" of the original single though. I have always liked the Bluebells, ever since Sire released an EP of their work to the American audience when I was a lad, but I have an even better appreciation of them now.

  5. Excellent post and comments from those who chimed in. Really can't add much more.....