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Tuesday 27 December 2022

In Search of Harperfield


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #83 - Emma Pollock - In Search of Harperfield

This one just sneaks in and in all likelihood will be the last recorded charity purchase for 2022 albeit I've had it for months.
The reason for the delay? It is a vinyl purchase and was added to the pile for Christmas Day. That is one reason why I have not done a best of for 2022 as there are about half a dozen or so which still require a proper listen.

In Search of Harperfield is from 2016 on the  Chemikal Underground label and as things stand it is the most recent of the thee solo albums by the Delgados singer and guitarist Emma Pollock.

I picked it up in Oxfam on Glasgow's  Byres Road. As it was from Oxfam and in the West End it was not cheap at £9.99. However it is in excellent condition and has been signed by Emma so well worth a purchase.
It joins 2017's Stop the Fireworks on the shelves. The missing one being 2010's The Law of Large Numbers.

It is Emma so as you would expect it is excellent. Here is a great review of the album from  JC
Despite no solo albums since 2016 she has popped up live on  a number of occasions and has co-written tracks with the band The Warm Digits. She was also part of the Album Club collective of writers and musicians who met up at Glasgow's iconic bar  The Laurieston  to talk about albums (a bit like a book club) and ended up writing and recording one on LNFG

In other news The Delgados have reformed for a handful of concerts in January.I have my ticked for The Barrowlands and can hardly wait!


  1. Delgados at the Barras, exciting isn't it? :-)

  2. Sadly, the hand hasn't stretched to the South West, but it's sure to be a great night. Wonderful song selections, CC.

    I signed up to LNFG for the first time earlier this month. I'll be getting the 2023 vinyl releases but it has meant that I've also been introduced to some 2022 highlights in the digital vault including the very fine release from The Album Club.

  3. I was really disappointed when this didn't win Scottish Album of The Year in 2016. That was the year it hit me that, having started out with a bit of merit in terms of actually shortlisting and then choosing from truly excellent albums, it was all a bit of a charade with certain boxes being ticked with each and every winner. I reckon £10 is a bargain for the vinyl, especially if its in mint condtion.

    Sorry my being unwell stopped us hooking up over the festive period. It's been a long recovery and every time I do something to establish that I'm fine again, i take a couple of steps back. But I'm determined to be at The Delgados....hope to see you there, or perhaps in a pub beforehand.