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Wednesday 28 December 2022

In Between Days


As Swiss Adam said yesterday we currently find ourselves in those strange days between Christmas and New Year. There appears to be no concept of time far less dates or an awareness of whether it is Tuesday or Thursday. God help you if you have a bin day scheduled. Having said that there is probably little to no change of the binmen actually turning up on the allotted day.

There is  also no concept of meal times or of eating proper food. You find yourself raiding the fridge at strange hours to come up with a  strange concoction of leftovers which need eaten before they go off.

Yesterday over a lazy and late brunch we were listening to two anthologies which seemed to capture the mood nicely.

Tomorrow's Wednesday, right?

Fairport Convention - Sloth

Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me


  1. I am disappointed to learn of your lack of rigorous self-discipline CC

    1. In fairness ever since I retired I usually have no idea of the date or sometimes the day!

  2. Our bins were collected on Tuesday morning, same as every week, which I found comforting, if a little unexpected. As for food, we have mountains of the stuff, which is shameful when so many are going hungry. Even so, there's only so many Lindor chocolates you can give to a hungry person, they would need something with a bit more substance...

  3. Binmen are a day late round here, which means they're coming tomorrow. I think. Which is Thursday. Or Wednesday.

  4. Great choices. It's a funny old week isn't it, and I'm bad enough at the best of times with remembering what day it is - think I need those days-of-the-week socks.

  5. having just eaten pork pie with a side of trifle,