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Wednesday 21 December 2022

Terry Hall R.I.P.


Like JC who posted a beautiful heartfelt tribute yesterday I first heard of the death of Terry Hall by text late on Monday night - in my case via almost similtaneous messages from a pal and my brother. 

About a month ago following the death of Wilco Johnston JC commented here that The sad thing is, the ages of so many of the musicians who the likes of you and I looked up to, admired or indeed worshipped, means that reading obituaries is going to be an ever-increasing habit in the months and years ahead.

Now this is probably true but it didn't stop the death of Terry hitting many of us like a ton of bricks. 63 for goodness sake, that's no age at all.

It does mean however that he was an artist that we were privileged to grow up with and to  see evolve over the years. If they had done nothing else the multi racial approach of the Specials and Two Tone has assured their place in history.

Terry Hall of course did so much more. From the Specials to Fun Boy Three to The Colour Field and many, many more interesting and innovative collaborations.

The legacy he has left can by gauged by the many tributes on the right hand sidebar and much more importantly by the music he has left us with.

Rest easy Terry.

The Specials - Too Much Too Young

The Specials - Ghost Town

Fun Boy Three -The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum


  1. Another great post for a special talent.

  2. Thank you for the kind words about my post yesterday at TVV.

    Yours today is a wonderful summary of things - especially 'It does mean however that he was an artist that we were privileged to grow up with and to see evolve over the years."

    And yup, 63 is no age at all. Horace Panter's stuff today, that Terry had been keeping his cancer a secret from just about everyone, was a painful read.

  3. A lovely tribute CC and as you say, the sidebars are awash with tributes which shows just what an impact he had on so many of us. Sadly taken far too soon.


  4. You make an excellent point here, CC: 63! Awful, awful news.

  5. There are only a few artists with as many titles in my music room as Terry Hall. I’ll be assembling a mix of his work tonight after the house gets quiet. He will be missed. Thanks for all of the great songs, Mr. Hall. It has been a pleasure. - Brian

  6. Lovely post, CC, I was so shocked and sad to hear of his death. It got to me even more than expected, and really brought home just how much a part of my youth the Specials/2 Tone was (and all that followed naturally from there) – part of the fabric of my life without me even realising it, as must be for many. A great loss.

  7. An excellent tribute, CC. You’re spot on in observing that Terry’s been with us for most, often all, of our own relationship with music. It was always a joy to hear his songs or those occasions when he’d pop up on TV, even more for an interview or comment, even when the subject matter was harder hitting. Thanks for your words and (inevitably) superb song choices.