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Monday 26 December 2022

Boxing Day Birthday Greetings


Today is Mrs CC's birthday - the day after the Baby Jesus as she used to tell our nephews when they were much younger and more gullible.

We will probably do very little today other than eat and drink, watch rubbish telly  and listen to music  which sounds like a pretty good  plan to me.

I'd like to thank her for putting up with me for yet another year particularly as she sees a lot more of me now that I am retired.

Here are a few of her favourite tunes.

Happy birthday xx

Kris Drever - Shining Star

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

Detroit Spinners -Working My Way Back to You


  1. Wishing Mrs CC a very happy birthday, sounds like you are having the perfect day.

  2. Birthday wishes from across the globe. Hope you’re having a lovely day. - Brian

  3. Belated birthday best wishes to Mrs. CC, I hope she had a lovely day. Impeccable song choices!

  4. Very belated Birthday Greetings to Mrs CC. Hope she had a great day being spoiled.....