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Wednesday 14 December 2022



About a month or so ago I popped into Big Blue the HQ of Last Night from Glasgow in Finnieston's Hidden lane to purchase a copy of I Walked With You a Ways by Plains

While chatting to head honcho Ian Smith I mentioned that I was familiar with the solo music of Katie Crutchfield in her Waxahatchee guise but knew nothing about Jess Williamson. Ian immediately became even more enthusiastic than usual and started waxing lyrical about her solo stuff. He told me that I really must give her  fourth and latest album 2020's Sorceress on the Mexican Summer label a listen.

Naturally I took up his recommendation and boy I'm glad that I did. Doing some reading there are lazy comparisons out there to the likes of Angel Olsen, Kacey Musgraves and Lana Del Ray. Exhalted company but she deserves to be listened to in her own right

Clashmusic sum the album up nicely as mixing withcraft with country-western twang and dreamy pop -folk ballads Sorceress is an expansive,magical listening experience.

Jess Williamson - Smoke

Jess Williamson - Gulf of Mexico

A physical copy is high on my wish list


  1. Thanks for another excellent tip CC, but are you sure this came out in 2000?

  2. She probably wasn't even born then!

  3. Well. I really liked these two tracks esp Smoke (which I've nabbed with dues paid of course). Had never heard of Jess Williamson before and had to laugh to hear this is her 4th alb - I'm obviously reading the wrong music mags!